Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mayor Richard Daley says he'll back mandatory spay-neuter ordinance for pets

For a change, Chicago's Mayor says he will support a progressive animal welfare measure in the windy city. Speaking at the annual St. Patrick's Day parade downtown Saturday, Emperor... er... Mayor Daley said he understands the viewpoints of overburdened shelters and supports one city council member's mandatory spay-neuter proposal.

This is not the first time Alderman Ed Burke has proposed a mandatory spay/neuter program for most of Chicago's more than a million dogs and cats. It is opposed (as per usual) by veterinary groups and breeders, and given Chicago's recent history of stinging defeat and nationwide embarrassment over other animal welfare measures (think foie gras and elephant chaining), it is surprising to me that any member of Chicago's city council would even attempt to bring this issue to the table. But good luck to him. If it passes this time, Chicago would join L.A. in really being out on the forefront of trying to control the pet overpopulation crisis in this country.

Read more in Monique Garcia's Chicago Tribune article.

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