Sunday, March 22, 2009

Litigation round up

A pair of great court rulings this past week:

Court Rules Miami-Dade County Pit Bull Ban Unenforceable

On Thursday, a Florida court struck down Miami's longtime ban on pit bulls. Read more in this press release here.

Georgia Ordered to Stop Licensing Animal Shelters That Gas Cats and Dogs

On Wednesday, a Georgia court entered a permanent injunction requiring that state's Dept. of Agriculture to stop its practice of approving and encouraging local shelters to euthanize animals in gas chambers. Read more in this press release.

Way to go to all the attorneys responsible for moving the ball forward on these two issues!

1 comment:

KoryNDenver said...

The posting of a "press release" about the Miami pit bull ordinance is completely misleading. The litigation was a prosecution under the ordinance, where the burden of proof was not established in one single case, so the Defendant was aquitted. Hardly a stari decisis case!

One has to consider the source of the "press release", which should be called "propaganda release", as the pro-pit bull lunatics are simply desperate for any "good" news - as they are batting a 00.00% at the plate when it comes to challenging well written pit bull bans. They have NEVER won - for a reason - pit bulls are simply more dangerous than other breeds of dogs because they are more likely to inflict serious bodily injury or death upon their victims, should they attack.

There is only one objective source of information on this issue, and that is - developed and organized by a victim of a pit bull attack.