Saturday, March 28, 2009

Georgia suspends license of Brunswick veterinarian

At least several times a month, if not more, someone comes into my office with a potential veterinary malpractice complaint. Now, I don't know what goes on in Georgia. But here in Illinois, it seems that no matter how egregious the conduct, the state agency charged with regulating veterinarians never seems to actually bring these charges, never mind prosecute them all the way through to disciplinary action. The prosecutors are, undoubtedly, swamped with "people" cases (they also regulate medical doctors, dentists, accountants and so forth). The veterinary stuff - at least from my anecdotal observations - seems to fall through the cracks.

Let me take a moment here to say that I have nothing against veterinarians. Most go into the field because they genuinely love animals, and most do put in an honest day's work. But as professional occupations go, at least in Illinois, it is quite clearly one of the least regulated professions out there. For that rogue element (which exists in every field), if someone wants to get away with shameful behavior, veterinary practice is a good choice.

So I was surprised and pleased to see that last week Georgia actually took a veterinary matter seriously. Click here for the article by Teresa Stepzinski from The Florida-Times Union.

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