Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Animal cruelty charges after raid finds 70 puppies

March 24, 2008
WGN/CLTV/Chicago Tribune

Chicago - Sheriff's police removed as many as 70 puppies -- some crammed into bird cages -- after raiding a suspected puppy mill on the South Side this morning.

"There are dogs running all over the place," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, as he held a pair of shivering Chihuahua puppies in his hands.

Dogs were stacked in cages and were walking around in their own feces, officials said.

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Ana said...

I just don't understand the crux of the puppy mill problem. There are so many stories in so many states about puppy mill raids, abusive conditions, sick animals, owner arrests, etc. But little changes. The same story just keeps repeating itself, just in different states and news sources.

Are the laws allowing entry into this business too lax? It seems like all sorts of shady characters are involved with puppy mills. Are there no inspection and standard of care laws? Or are there sufficient laws on the books and the issue is lack of enforcement?