Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's an interesting tidbit...

According to The Animal Legal Report:

An association founded by animal welfare and animal-rights activists is gearing up to compete directly with the veterinary profession's largest membership body, the American Veterinary Medical Association. It's called the Humane Society Veterinary Association. It will offer alternative programs to the AVMA's business insurance programs. HSUS President Wayne Pacelle predicts many veterinarians will flock to HSVA because its philosophy mirrors their own welfare thinking, as long as they're not saddled with a need to buy AVMA insurance plans.
Source: Brakke Consulting, Inc. 10/24/2008

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GrannySue said...

It certainly is interesting - must mean that the AMVA is about as corrupt as most of the other NGO's with double agendas, lol.

Interesting that they would fall into lockstep with an organization that collects millions of dollars every year, yet runs NOT ONE shelter in the nation.

They have plenty of money for hiring has-been actresses to lie (OOPS!!) advertise for them, though - guess someone's got to employ them... Anyone that knows anything at all about HSUS won't be sitting at any of her movies anymore!

AMVA must be 10x worse than AMA!!! Congratulations on that - its quite an accomplishment.