Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Court clears cull by suffocation

Here's an unfortunate ruling from Scotland, courtesy of Doug Powell at Kansas State University's Animal Network, an international agricultural food safety listserv. This is the link to the original story, although I cut-and-pasted the article in its entirety since I was having some problems getting the link to work at first:
08 October 2008

The High Court yesterday upheld the legality of new rules allowing chickens to be killed in their thousands by slow suffocation in the event of a widespread bird flu outbreak. A judge ruled that the government was entitled to use "ventilation shutdown" as a last resort.

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Reformed fast food mascot said...

ventilation shutdown can be used as a "last resort?" - pretty nebulous language. Sounds like what the judge is really saying is "if killing them any other way is too much of a hassle."