Monday, October 04, 2010

World Animal Day and other things

Apologies for my absence this past week...

Anywho... it's always nice to see an increasing number of animal issues being taken seriously - even in some places that haven't been on the leading edge of rights/welfare movement:

For example, from the Guam News Watch: It's possibly one of the worst animal abuse cases on Guam in recent years and the case has thrown the island's animal cruelty laws into the spotlight.

Meanwhile elsewhere, activists took to the streets in support of better laws for animals on World Animal Day:

In the Hurriyet Daily News: Turkish animal rights activists are hopeful of a securing a change in the country’s laws that would criminalize the abuse of animals after collecting a record number of signatures for a petition campaign.

From The Windsor Star in Canada: Calling for the government to step to the plate for abused animals, local animal lovers celebrated World Animal Day Sunday with a waterfront walk.

And in The Himalayan Times: In order to ensure the rights of animals, animal right activists all over the world celebrated the 79th World Animal Day with different events on October 4. Similarly, institutions and individuals working for animal rights in Nepal also marked the day participating in a walkathon ‘Walk 4 Animals’ organised by Animal Nepal and other organisations.

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