Friday, October 22, 2010

Missouri's Prop B: bad for breeders or beagles?

With less than two weeks until elections, efforts are gearing up across the country on all sorts of ballot measures. California's Prop 19 leaps to mind (medical marijuana)... but I'll leave that to the pot bloggers (whoever they may be).

In the animal realm, debate over Missouri's ballot initiative to clamp down on breeders is really heating up. Proponents say the measure is needed to alleviate some of the massive suffering inflicted by puppy mills... while opponents (predictably, frequently, big-money animal interests) insist that limiting the number of breeding dogs will put "good" breeders out of business and could even subject breeding animals to worse conditions. Bloomberg Businessweek has more.

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MiaDiva said...

Thank you for bringing attention to this article. How awful it is that breeders are still only concerned for themselves.
I pray that it passes!