Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Michael Vick's promotion... it ain't all bad?

The Philadelphia Eagles sparked a whole fresh round of apoplectic fits amongst many animal advocates last month when the NFL franchise announced it was promoting the infamous Michael Vick to starting quarterback.
However, Sports Illustrated Senior Editor Jim Gorant, who has been following Vick's case and the "Vick-tory" dogs for some three years now, argues that "Michael Vick's promotion with the Eagles could be a new day for dogs, dog lovers- and himself." Read more in the Oct. 4th issue of S.I..

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Alyssia Alexandria said...

Amazing! Only in America? Can a convicted criminal ( Vick ) and a public official who solicited and said that he did ( Spitzer ) " move beyond their troubles" and be promoted to International Super Stardom by being immortalized via Television! My Word - Vick made hundreds of innocent dogs lives HELL and gave it the OK to do so for everyone who ever attended or spent money at one of his "sponsored" Dog Fighting "events". Shame on the NFL ( and CNN ) for even letting him wear a jersey. Remember all of the animals that this animal put in hell and allowed to die. Remember The trail of Vick Vapor Rub dog blood still stinks! Shame of Shame - plays ( Happily ) for the NFL. What does this tell our Kids?