Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank you, Ben Stein... and Joe Biden

Very thoughtful commentary this morning from CBS Sunday Morning's Ben Stein.

Noting that the shrinking economy is prompting most Americans to reduce spending, thus shrinking the economy even further... he urged those among us who still "have two nickels to rub together" to do so. Buy goods and services this holiday season, he reasoned, because the money spent doesn't just go back to Wall Street, but into the wallets of everyday Americans who will, hopefully, pump that money back into the economy in turn. (A very sage observation, imho.) Just as importantly, Stein noted, now is the time to give to those most in need... shelters, for example. AND - what particularly caught my ear - he included in each plea for shelters - animal shelters as well.

Just a short while later on This Week with George Stephanopoulos...

citing the overwhelming problems with the economy that have to be addressed immediately, vice-president-elect Joe Biden declined to say whether the new administration will take up gay and lesbian issues on any particular timetable (C'mon guys, there's always time to do the right thing). He did, however, state unequivocally that the new vice-presidential puppy will be a "pound dog". He dismissed George's suggestion that this decision was influenced by current mores on political correctness, noting that this will be the latest in a string of "pound" cats and dogs for the Biden household, and emphasized that they wanted their current animals to have "companionship."

Thank you both.

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Anonymous said...

We should do our best to save Animals and Birds as they also have the right to live in this world just equal to human being. Animals and Birds Life can be saved easily with our little steps. Plz also share your thought at my blog through comments