Saturday, December 27, 2008

PETA strikes out (virtually) against Sarah Palin... and how about Rod Blagojevich while you're at it?

Again, not exactly animal law, but hey, the holidays are always a good time to take a break and have some fun...

Apparently someone from Sarah Palin's office got their feathers all in a bunch the other day over a new video game on PETA's website. The game allows users to throw virtual snowballs at, among others, the moose-killing, turkey-ignoring Governor. The caller reportedly threatened PETA with a lawsuit if it didn't take the game down. (Which, of course, is fighting words and means that PETA will never take the game down ever, until the end of time.) When pressed later, Palin's office denied both making the call or even caring about the game.

Read more in this recent Los Angeles Times "L.A. Unleashed" editorial... or skip straight to the game!

And PETA, while you're at it, if you can come up with something to throw (virtually, of course...) and embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, as an Chicago resident myself, I would appreciate it.

In what was touted as his first major interview since being arrested on corruption charges, Blago chatted yesterday with a local Chicago reporter. If you ask me, Andy Shaw didn't really get much out of the Gub'nr about his dealings, or that local U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald wants to get him a room at the Joliet Crossbar Hilton, or that the Illinois legislature wants to impeach him even sooner. But the one thing that Blago did reveal was that he too has jumped on the political puppy bandwagon and gotten his kids a dog for Christmas.

Message to Governor Blagojevich:
Dude! What were you thinking?!?! You are waaaaaay past the point where getting your kids a puppy is going to help your public image. Moreover, you are in no position right now to do anything to add to your workload. Seriously. Don't even buy a plant. I mean, think about it, who's going to watch Skittles after the government staff is gone and the wife and kids come to visit you in the pokey next year?

So PETA, I'd like to suggest a virtual game if your web staff has the time. Never mind the video snowballs (or shoes, for that matter, although the idea is sorta amusing...). How about throwing poop? You can certainly award points for gamers who can nail Blagojevich for trying to get the Trib editorial staff fired basically for disagreeing with him or trying to sell Obama's senate seat. But I think anyone who uses a dog as a canine shield against all the crap going on in his life right now definitely deserves to have some thrown right back at him.

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