Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?

One New York Times columnist is calling on Barack Obama to make good on his campaign promises of reform by renaming the Department of Agriculture. Noting, among other things, that "[s]ociety is becoming concerned not only with little boys who abuse cats but also with tycoons whose business model is abusing farm animals", he urges the President-Elect to change the name of the Ag Dept to reflect the fact that (hopefully) it won't just be a tool of the factory-farm lobby anymore.

Read more in Nicholas D. Kristof's opinion piece.


Chris said...

Another issue "animal aware" people should consider is corn subsidies. Although subsidies are usually associated with "the left", we should all realize that (a) it artificially lowers the price of meat, (b) most corn goes to livestock, and (c) corn is an extremely cruel diet to feed cows that would eventually kill them if they weren't slaughtered so quickly and given truckloads of antibiotics to suppress their digestive track.

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