Sunday, September 21, 2008

The South and animal law

As I was combing through Google news this morning, I also noticed this recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about a new veterinary malpractice claim filed in Atlanta's Fulton County Superior Court. There was nothing in the article that would suggest the lawsuit was particularly new or different substantively than any other vet mal case.

What struck me about it as blog-worthy though is that the suit was not only filed in Georgia, but was getting at least some media attention there. I lived in Atlanta for nearly five years, many moons ago. I speak from personal experience - and some readers may not be happy to see this although I doubt they would actually disagree - that the South, which historically has not been the most progressive part of this country, is still, in many respects, not the most progressive part of this country. And I speak from professional experience when I say that - with the notable exception of North Carolina (with longtime animal law Professor Bill Reppy at Duke, and now two animal law attorneys, Calley Gerber and my former intern extraordinaire, Joe Mustian) - animal law definitely falls into one of the categories where the South traditionally has not been very progressive. So I was pleased to read about this veterinary malpractice claim. Hopefully this is a harbinger of changing attitudes throughout that region of the U.S..

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