Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another class action lawsuit against pet food manufacturers

This entry comes courtesy of a reader (thank you, Lynette... whoever and wherever you are...)

There's another lawsuit apparently pending against some major pet food manufacturers. It's not about tainted food, but alleges that the claims these manufacturers make about the healthfulness of their products are false and misleading. Not that this comes as news to the small universe of people who are painfully aware of what goes into a lot of pet food (as well as commercial livestock feed), such as diseased animals. But I imagine it does come as a rather unpleasant shock to the overwhelming majority of the public at large. You can read more about the case here, on the plaintiff attorneys' website.

I must admit I'm not familiar with this suit, although if any of the attorneys involved (yes, even the defense attorneys), would like to add a comment here, or call me, I'd be happy to hear from you.


lackman said...

Here I am! :-)

I am incredibly interested in this lawsuit. I see no reason pet foods shouldn't be held to the same standards as other products, yet they constantly make claims about clean teeth, long lives, and health ingredients with little-to-evidence to support them. On the contrary, they're allowed an AAFCO certification with only six animals surviving six months - or less! There is no mandatory feeding trial, other methods suffice.
My own cats became horribly ill on commercial pet food - developing IBD, diabetes, CRF, obesity... until I got an eye-opening and started feeding them properly.

BWolfe said...

The lawsuit ended up to be a boon for the Attorneys. A grand total of $25,000 was given to ALL of the people in the suit. In my case my poor dog which died from ingestion of the food with melamine and which cost me over $7,000.00 to keep him alive for a year, finally settled by sending me a check for $468.97. A complete atrocity of law. The Attorneys on the other hand got a total of $7.500,000.00 PLUS expenses.
I am devastated.

Unknown said...

The lawsuit has been settled to the benefit of the Attorneys. The original lawsuit asked $250.000,000. and the Judge agreed to $25,000.00. Therefore the 4000+ litigants were able to get a small division of that money. I received, toward the costs incurred over $7000.00 of medical care and final costs to keep my dog, Bugsy alive for one year, $468.97. On the other hand, the Attorneys received $7.5 Million PLUS expenses.
A legal atrocity.