Friday, May 02, 2008

Court Orders Tyson to Suspend Ads For Antibiotic-Free Chicken

(Again, not exactly animal law (let's be realistic here... as much as this is a growing field there just isn't going to be a true "animal law" story every day yet), but it does involve courts and animals and... well, anything that sticks it to factory farming is worth a mention as far as I'm concerned...)

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 2, 2008; Page D01

Poultry giant Tyson Foods has 14 days to dismantle a national multimillion dollar ad campaign centered on the claim that its chickens are raised without antibiotics, a federal appeals court in Richmond ruled yesterday.

Tyson, based in Springdale, Ark., will have to remove posters and brochures from 8,500 grocery stores nationwide.

"We're disappointed the motion for a stay has been denied and are evaluating our legal options," said Gary Mickelson, a spokesman for Tyson Foods. "We continue to believe we have acted responsibly in the way we have labeled and marketed our products and intend to stand our ground."

Read more about the battle between Tyson and two of its competitors here...

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