Monday, May 05, 2008

AVMA (once again) opposes recognizing any worth of animals beyond market value

This article from the upcoming issue of JAVMA News:

May 15, 2008
Vermont's high court considers pets' special value

Suit seeks compensation for emotional pain and loss of companionship

Vermont's Supreme Court will hear a case about whether a pet owner has the right to compensation for the emotional pain and loss of companionship when the animal dies as a result of negligence.

Sensing the importance of the case, veterinary associations—including the AVMA—animal rights groups, and other interested parties are weighing in....

Click here to read more about the suit, as well as why the AVMA and the American Kennel Club (both multi-million dollar entities that are able to exist only because people are willing to spend more on their animals than simply their "market value"), among others, are nonetheless opposed to compensating owners for their emotional distress or loss of companionship over the death of a companion animal.

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