Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shame on Chicago

For readers who don't know, I live in Chicago. I've lived here for more than ten years now. Overall, I like it.

But I have also had the opportunity to observe Chicago politics firsthand. And you know what? It really is corrupt. Not just "was" corrupt, as in the old jokes about voting early and often. It is corrupt currently. Everyone who lives here knows it and most of us accept it as the basic way of life here. For the most part, it doesn't even negatively impact our lives - unless you cross the Mayor or his political machine. And then it just smacks you upside the head. Hard.

That's what happened to Alderman Joe Moore today. Chicago politics hit an embarrassing new low when the Mayor railroaded through a repeal of the ban on foie gras that Alderman Moore championed two years ago. I've never been ashamed of this City before, but I am today.

You can read about Mayor Daley's heavy-handed tactics in this Chicago Sun-Times article here...

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