Saturday, September 04, 2010

Don't forget all the other stuff...

The salmonella egg scare has brought a great deal of attention (deservedly so...) to factory farming and the unabashedly cruel conditions that billions of hens are forced to endure for the entire span of their all-too-short lives. Yes, most people view it as a food safety issue (which it undoubtedly is). The scale of the recalls (more than half a billion eggs) has also opened the door for many to ponder and debate the ethical issues that only a mess this size can force people to address. All of which is a good thing.

As important an issue as it is, however, I worry that it is overshadowing a lot of other also-disturbing battles on other fronts. Case in point: several hundred chimps that had finally been retired from research about 10 ten years ago are now potentially facing transport to a Texas lab for renewed experimentation. How unabashedly cruel.

Michael Haederle writes more in the Los Angeles Times.

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