Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pit Bulls get a second chance in Toledo

The Toledo area Humane Society has decided to change its policy towards adoption of pit bulls. This reversal of long standing policy was made because pit bulls in the custody of shelters were either being euthanized or transferred to other rescue groups. The board of directors of the Humane Society finally realized that it was not "right that there was a breed-specific reason to outlaw these dogs. Just killing animals to prevent problems is not the answer."

However, not just anybody will be able to adopt a pit bull. And not just any pit bull will be adopted. A potential adopter must pay double the standard fee. They must also pass a background check and allow two home visits by a Humane Society employee. Potential owners also will need to attend owner information sessions about "pit bull"-type dogs, buy a dog license, and fulfill the state's $100,000 liability insurance requirement. Pit bulls that have passed temperament tests and get along with other animals will be the only ones that are adopted out.

Read more at ToledoBlade.

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