Thursday, April 22, 2010

HSUS Responds to the Supreme Court Ruling

The day after the Supreme Court's controversial ruling in U.S. v. Stevens, the HSUS has called on Congress to fix the law. As noted a few days ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal law which made it illegal to videotape and sell images of animals being killed was too broad and violated the First Amendment right to free speech. In the ruling, Justice Roberts did mention that Congress could come back with a more limited statute that applies to "crush videos", the type of thing the law was written against.

Congress is now looking to rewrite this law in a more limited manner that abides by the Supreme Court's ruling. "On the heels of yesterday's Supreme Court decision, we're taking immediate and bipartisan action to protect animals without infringing on the right to free speech. The bottom line is that we need to protect animals from being tortured or killed in a manner that is criminal or morally reprehensible. No one should be allowed to profit from so-called crush videos or other images of animal cruelty," said Re. Earl Blumenauer.

Read more at HSUS.

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