Friday, April 16, 2010

Bolivia bans the use of animals in circuses

Bolivia's legislators have done what American courts won't, they've banned the use of animals in circuses. Europe has already paved the road towards such bans, but Bolivia has gone a step forward. While some European countries have banned the use of exotic animals only, Bolivia has the banned the use of both exotic and domestic animals.

The British based group, Animal Defenders International brought shocking images of animal cruelty to the floor of Bolivia's legislature. The animals were malnourished, badly treated, and living in cramped cages in their own feces.

Unfortunately for the animals, although they've been liberated, they have no where to go. The care taking costs for these animals are excessive. They must receive medical treatment that they have been lacking their whole lives. Some of these animals are being moved to California, while others are being sent to Britain. But in the meantime, they are waiting in temporary cages.

Read more at AP.

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