Thursday, April 23, 2009

21 polo horses dead due to pharmacy mistake

(Ok, forget the big picture that maybe the entire idea of using animals for sport should be re-examined, but at the very least...)

.... hopefully state and local officials will do a genuine investigation into this weekend tragedy in Palm Beach, Florida and prosecute in a meaningful way...

Read more on Fox Sports/MSN.


Stefani said...

I am confused. There was a reference in the press to a vitamin supplement that is illegal in the US -- the 5 horses on the team that lived are the only ones who didn't get it.

Is the "medication" that was compounded the same thing as the vitamin supplement?

Taylor Loves said...

It's a legal sustance - BUT just sickens me to see how careless this pharmacy that messed up is.

I'm glad to see you guys highlight this. Something needs to be done about this atrocity.

I wrote about it in an animal rights blog I just started (but not as good as yours!!!) -

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Taylor Loves said...
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