Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seeking a Presidential Pardon? Try Praising the Right to Bear Arms

Ok, not exactly animal law, but this WSJ article caught my eye:

Five Forgiven by Bush Share a Trait: They Really Missed Their Weapons

By Amir Efrati
The Wall Street Journal
November 28, 2008

A decade ago, Leslie Collier, a 50-year-old corn and soybean farmer in Charleston, Mo., pleaded guilty to poisoning bald eagles. He says the worst thing about his criminal record was that it meant he was barred by law from owning a gun.

So, after George W. Bush, a strong defender of the Second Amendment, took office, Mr. Collier wrote to the president seeking a pardon, saying he wanted to go hunting with his kids. He explained that he accidentally killed the eagles while trying to poison coyotes that were attacking wild turkeys and deer on property he farms.

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