Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah Palin... what a turkey

After posting about Pres. Bush (see below), it is only natural to want to follow up with Sarah Palin's media fiasco yesterday. Just moments after the Alaskan governor "pardoned" a Thanksgiving turkey, she gave a lengthy TV interview while other birds were slaughtered just feet behind her. Yeesh.

While we're on the subject of videos at a turkey slaughterhouse....

PETA released undercover videotapes earlier this week that were taken at the nation’s premier poultry-breeding facility, Aviagen Turkey, in West Virginia. According to a New York Times piece by Donald G. McNeil, Jr. the video "show[s] turkeys being stomped to death and punched by workers.... The scenes show stomach-turning brutality. Workers are seen smashing birds into loading cages like basketballs, stomping heads and breaking necks, apparently for fun, even pretending to rape one." PETA is asking local prosecutors to pursue criminal charges.

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