Wednesday, November 09, 2011

6th Circuit sides with homeowners in "breeding" case

In October 2008, undercover animal control officers in Louisville, Kentucky duped a couple of homeowners who were trying to sell puppies from their dogs' one and only litter into thinking that they were potential buyers... before busting in, seizing all of the animals and requiring the couple to alter and microchip all dogs... as well as pay a hefty fine... before being allowed to take the dogs home. All without ever actually charging them.

Louisville didn't see a problem with this. The lower court didn't see any constitutional issues. Yesterday however, the 6th Circuit said not so fast... read the opinion here...


Crooner said...

Hi! Your "read the opinion here" link is broken. I've tried several times and keep getting the message that it cannot be accessed. Otherwise, great blog & comments! Keep up the good work! Cheers! -- Crooner

A said...

Hi Crooner -

I think I've fixed the link. In case it still doesn't work, here it is to cut and paste: