Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A more worrisome terrorist than Bin Laden?

The FBI's infamous "ten most wanted terrorists" list is down to nine with the recent death of the 911 mastermind (apparently there's no number 11 waiting in the wings). Who are those nine, you might ask? Eight al Qaeda operatives and one animal rights extremist. And according to the research scientist who penned this opinion piece in today's Wall Street Journal, it is perplexing why the public does not regard that individual, Daniel San Diego (at left) as more of a threat.

(Spoiler alert: this is not an animal-friendly piece. Aside from the fact that it's not a bad thing to keep tabs on what the opposition is saying, I was also just bemused that the FBI considers an animal rights extremist dangerous enough to edge out the countless other al quaeda minions who would no doubt clamor for a place on that list.)

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