Monday, May 23, 2011

A few new animal welfare laws...

... getting some mention in various news blurbs this morning.

In Missouri:

New guidelines have been issued by the St. Louis City Commissioner of Health which they say will put a stop to the abusive practice of using truck, tractor or hardware chains to restrain animals. Read more at CBS St. Louis...

In North Carolina:

A look at why animal welfare laws - from puppy mill regulation to the new anti-neglect bill, Chamberlin's Law - are always a tough sell at the NC General Assembly, year in and year out. WRAL reporter Laura Leslie reports...

And in New York:

One state assemblyman has introduced The Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA) to create protections for homeless pets and end the so-called "convenience" killings (euthanizing animals when there are empty cages). It will also make it illegal to kill animals if rescue groups are willing to save them. Find out more at the

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