Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Death everywhere...

Several grisly animal stories making headlines in some pretty big media outlets today. Not much fun to read about (or watch, as the case may be...) but since these activities are going on anyway, kudos to the various media outlets for at least discussing them.

For example, Oprah did a whole program today on animal slaughter, including a challenge accepted by 378 of her staffers to try going vegan for a week. Guests included Michael Pollan ("The Omnivore's Dilemma") and the author of a current bestseller on veganism ("Veganist: Los Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World"), Kathy Freston. Oprah even convinced Cargill to open its doors. While you may not agree with Cargill's positions (ok, I imagine just about anyone reading this blog would disagree thoroughly with any of Cargill's positions), you have to at least give the industry behemoth props for actually allowing cameras inside. Of course, once Oprah does anything, everyone else talks about it... so the discussion of animal slaughter and veganism got some more mainstream exposure in news outlets like the L.A. Times.

Meanwhile, The New York Times, CBC News and other outlets are reporting on an apparent mass execution of more than 100 sled dogs in Canada, due to a slump in business in the weeks after the winter Olympics ended last year.

Hey Oprah... need more show material?...

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