Thursday, February 17, 2011

Animal cruelty legislation around the country...

Increasing penalties for animal cruelty is on the agenda in a number of state houses nationwide. Here's a quick update:

In Maryland, an owner of the Siberian husky whose shooting death last year became a rallying cry for animal welfare advocates, urged state lawmakers Thursday to stiffen the penalties for violating the state's animal cruelty law. Read more in The Baltimore Sun.

In New Mexico, a bill protecting animals from cruelty and abandonment is making its way through the New Mexico Senate. KRWG, New Mexico's public broadcasting station, has the rest of the story.

And in Kentucky, activists pushed House bills Tuesday that would require shelter for dogs and force people convicted of animal abuse to give up their animals and be prohibited from owning another animal of the same species for two years. The Washington Examiner reports.

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