Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gridlock here we come...

Well, the Republicans have regained control of the House (as well as picked up a whole bunch of governor races). Several prominent GOP members, including newly re-elected South Carolina Senator and Tea Party stalwart Jim DeMint, have already told commentators on national TV that they're happy to work with President Obama - so long as he wants to work on their issues such as reducing the deficit and repealing the recent health care reform. GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said straight out that his party's number one priority will be defeating President Obama in the next election. Doesn't sound like much room for compromise or bi-partisanship there.

So there you have it. Two years of bickering... which will undoubtedly be capped off by both sides blaming the other for the inevitable stalemate that will be the focus of the smear campaigns in the 2012 elections. :(

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A Cat's Tale said...

Two years of the Republicans being speed bumps in the road of progress. Then when 2012 comes along they will cry that Obama didn't do anything.

I am grateful that Sen. Reid will continue to represent me.

But it worries me that some people's only mission in life is to take Obama down even if it takes the rest of the country down too.