Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anyone else watch the Emmys tonight?

That Temple Grandin movie really cleaned up, winning just about every award at the program. Not only did everyone who won thank Ms. Grandin (who was sitting in the audience), but at one point she was even on the stage herself accepting the best TV movie award right along with the cast and producers.

Am I the only one who was just sickened when that movie came out? It is bad enough the whole livestock industry thinks her perverse theories are the best thing since sliced bread (or perhaps make that sliced roast beef...). Now it seems that all of Hollywood (and thanks to Hollywood, all of the U.S.) is buying into it too. Shudder.

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Bea Elliott said...

No indeed. You are not the only one sickened by the likes of Ms. Grandin. I've read a few of her stories about how she felt a "spiritual" connection when she saw the implementation of her slaughter system. In fact she named the contraption "The stairway to heaven".

There's an animal rights activist who also has autism and he wrote a reply to Temple: If you love something you don't kill it.

I don't think she's "gifted", I think she's delusional. And it's an insult to call her death machines beneficial to animal "welfare". Making that killing more effective for the industry - and more palatable for consumers hardly does any innocent victim any good.

Obviously... I'm not a Grandin fan. :/