Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anybody have a garbage pail for Mary Bale?

Ok, I don't normally advocate violence but if someone happens to stuff this woman in a garbage container for 15 hours, well... it might be fun.

For anyone who hasn't seen this truly despicable video yet, here's a link to the CBS News story.


cambstreasurer said...

The Mary Bale case does flag up the inconsistencies in what's considered "news", though.

A few weeks earlier, there was a much nastier case where a dog who was actually in labour was thrown into a river to drown. She only survived because two people put their own lives at risk to get her out and then paid for her to have a caesarian. Her previous owner probably tried to drown her to avoid the cost of veterinary treatment.

Almost simultaneously with the Mary Bale case a terrier was stolen from a garden and drowned and over 100 dead or dying animals were thrown into a river in Somerset.

Law School said...

This is just terrible! A member of my rescue group recently witnessed a woman throw a pet rat (cage and all) in the trash can when her on decided he no longer wanted to care for it. How can it be that living, breathing, humans do not have the same empathy for other living, breathing beings?

cambstreasurer said...

I guess you just have to keep telling yourself there are more good people than bad out there. In all 3 drowning cases passers-by did get involved and saved as many of the animals as they could.

But I'm sure the completely daft way these things get treated in the media makes progress more difficult.