Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bullfighting: Torture or Culture?

Spain is known for its cultural history. It has influenced the modern era tremendously. Spain has left a legacy from the time it was a global empire, leaving 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide. From its food to its language, Spain has much to offer. But what of bullfighting?

Esperanza Aguirre, head of the regional government of Madrid, has decided to declare bullfighting as part of the region's cultural heritage. By making bullfighting a cultural heritage, it would be offered some legal protections.

To counter Aguirre's proposed declaration, thousands of people marched through the streets of Madrid. "In Madrid over 70 percent of the population rejects these acts of barbarism and torture, a national shame," stated Mireya Barbeto, spokeswoman for the tiny anti-bullfighting political party PACMA.

The Northeastern region of Spain, Catalonia, is currently considering a ban on bullfighting, as requested by a petition signed by over 180,000 voters.

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