Thursday, March 11, 2010

Animal suicide sheds light on human behavior

Whether it's a grieving dog, a depressed horse or even a whale mysteriously beaching itself, there is a long history of animals behaving suicidally, behavior that can help explain human suicide, says newly published research.

Read more in this recent MSNBC article by Larry O'Hanlon...

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Unknown said...

This is a very strange behaviour of its kind. In my last 10 years of close interaction with animals especially with dogs,I have never come across with any behaviour of this kind .

I have keenly noticed ,that when dogs tend to feel unattended, unnoticed ,they generally make themselves aloof,but a behaviour like this...

The reason for this kind of behavioural change could be many, but primarily attention( asssuming). Psychology of dogs to a very large extent resembles psychology of human kids.They are very sensitive in sharing their space of their owners .Apart from the daily tickling in their chest and back,dedicating an hour and an half entirely to them really works.

This helps in their growth system and they tend to loose less out on their health.Along with anti rabbies yearly dozes, balanced diet, a good playful environment is also something for any animal to live a healthy life.