Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indiana Laws Get Strict

The Indiana state legislature has decided to toughen its stance with animal protection laws. House Bill 1258, passed unanimously, made it a felony to participate or attend in a dogfight and also requires pet store owners to be transparent on the background of the animals.

The first part of the legislation requires pet store owners to list on the cage of the dog or cat the name of the breeder, the breeder's federal license number, the dog or cat's medical history, business addresses for breeders or brokers and how many litters the breeding facility had produced in the previous year. This information should help educate pet owners on where the animals have been bred.

The second part of the legislation makes enforcement against dogfights a bit easier. It is now a felony for any person to be in attendance of a dogfight, even if they are there without an animal. One dog rescuer commented "I saw dogs with missing eyes, ears, parts of their faces, partial limbs, legs removed and faces scarred beyond recognition, that a human being could inflict this kind of pain and needless suffering on an animal solely for the purpose of entertainment and financial gain is incomprehensible."

Read the full article at IndyStar.


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