Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are "Vets Getting Away With Murder"?

Although the laws of the land concerning veterinary malpractice are well-behind the times, at least pet owners are starting to push for changes. When veterinarians make mistakes on animals, the sentiment has been that "mistakes happen". In human health care, mistakes should never occur. Doctors are punished severely from their professional boards as well as through law suits. Sadly, animals do not receive the same type of treatment.

A vet in Maryland, Marc S. Katz, allowed his son, who was not a licensed vet technician, to administer insulin to a diabetic cat. The son overdosed the insulin, leaving the cat with severe brain damage and blindness. What was Katz's professional reprimand? Only a $250 fine, a 30-day suspension of his license, which was stayed, and a 6-month probation.

Katz is not the only negligent vet that has gotten away with a slap on the wrist. Greg Munson of Texas created a website, www.VetsFromHell.net that displays stories of pet owners who have been hurt by the negligent acts of their vets. Munson created this website because he believes that "vets in this country literally get away with murder."

Read the full article at MSNBC.

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