Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lawsuit begins with end of parrot

The starvation death of a macaw is raising some constitutional questions about the rights of accused persons unlucky enough to wind up at one Delaware correctional facility. Read more about the disturbing allegations concerning the slow demise of a 20-year companion underlying one inmate's recent lawsuit in this Delaware News Journal article by Sean O'Sullivan.

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kelly g. said...

What an awful story.

I found this comment, by a criminal defense attorney, especially offensive:

"That is the way it is," Hurley said, adding that Goodrich was lucky his situation involved a parrot "and not his child."

The man's beloved companion of 20 years starved to death, likely he'll see no recourse, and he should feel....lucky!? That's an ironic comment to make about a case which involves a fundamental lack of compassion.