Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy cows... Happy chickens... What's going on here?

A trio of stories catching my eye from a recent post courtesy of Doug Powell at the Kansas State U. Animal Network:

Apparently, a British study has found that cows which have been given names produce more milk than those without a name...

At an international poultry conference earlier this week, Dr. Jim Perdue of Perdue Farms suggested that he expects the concept of "happy chickens" to dominate the future of chicken production...

(No word yet on whether giving the cows names or keeping the chickens happy makes any of them ok with ending up on a dinner plate...)

Meanwhile, back to reality... four animal advocacy groups have joined together to try to intervene in a meat industry lawsuit that seeks to overturn key provisions of California's newly upgraded law banning the use of sick and disabled animals in the food supply.

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