Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Animal Law casebook available

Congratulations to Taimie Bryant, David Cassuto, Rebecca Huss and all the other contributing authors on the publication of the latest entry into the animal law textbook market: Animal Law and the Courts: A Reader. According to Professor Bryant, "[t]he Reader is a compilation of chapters contributed by authors who chose one or two judicial opinions about which to write a chapter that treats in more depth one or more issues raised by the opinion(s)." The teaching manual include another 13 opinions, as well as a variety of class exercises, and even exceeds the length of the Reader. This marks the - count 'em! - THIRD text available in this growing field in just about a decade. Who would've thought?

Animal Law and the Courts: A Reader is published by Thomson West and is available through West's website. Click here for more information...

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