Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update on Illinois guide dog trial

Following last month's hung jury in a rural Illinois town, complaining witness Don Hert says that the Adams County prosecutor has added a charge under the state's White Cane Law. At issue was the refusal by owners of the Greek To Me Restaurant to allow Mr. Hert's guide dog to enter the establishment. The case is set for re-trial during the week of April 14th.

Mr. Hert did not file a civil suit in this matter.


Anonymous said...

After a February trial that ended in a hung jury, a Quincy restaurant manager pleaded
guilty Monday to violating the state's Guide Dog Access Act by not allowing a blind
man to eat in his restaurant.
In ex-change for the guilty plea, Gus Papazoglou's mother, Greek to Me restaurant
owner Jenny Papazoglou, had a similar charge against her dropped. Gus Papazoglou
received 12 months of supervised probation, meaning the charge will be dismissed
if he follows terms and conditions.
Papazoglou was also fined $100 and other court costs, and he also paid $500 to the
Seeing Eye, a guide dog school in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...
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