Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Animal rescuers arrested in Tennessee had been watched in California

Three days before animal rescuers Hearts for Hounds left California for Virginia, officials from the Long Beach Animal Care Services stopped by to investigate complaints about noise and odor.

During the Jan. 12 visit, officers found far more than the 75 animals the group was licensed to house, and a followup visit was scheduled for Jan. 17.

"Between that time and our followup visit, that Sunday afternoon, they left town," said John Keisler, acting manager at Long Beach Animal Care Services.

According to The Commercial Appeal, the two women arrested now face more than 100 charges of aggravated animal cruelty and bonds of $100,000 each...

(Interestingly, the founder of frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry was released on just $60,000 bail after allegedly attacking a homeless man with a tire iron...)

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jjames said...

It seem's the elevated bail amount doesn't raise concern for many people. Is this because in many mind's the need for an investigation is not required at all and these "fact's" must be true ? and so have adjusted the saying to "GUILTY ! before being proven innocent ?"

There are many inconsistencies printed from one article to the next from LB animal services to supporters and non supporters in plain view for everyone to read. Yet if flogging, stoning or hanging were still practiced then these 2 women would be dead already and that's exactly where the majority of those "abused" dog's are going to end up now.

Does anyone stop for even a second to think ? Ask questions ? or have people forgotten how to use their own brains in this high tech,self serving,media led, judgemental world ?

So many people complain about animal abuse when they see a bull being led around by the ring in it's nose when the same people are pulled along by an invisible tether attached to a ring through their nose.

There are very few people that can accurately state the fact's in this situation but by reading some of the articles and comments almost everyone who has actually taken the time to comment "KNOWS THE TRUTH,THE FACTS,THE REAL STORY!" Do you realy ?

Well all we can hope for is if we ever find ourselves or our loved one's plastered across the news stations, news papers, blogs and forums for whatever life changing situation befalls us, that we are "presumed innocent before being found guilty".

If people keep jumping ship to the side with the majority just to "fit in" the sheep will sink along with the rats.

I don't know these people, I don't know the truth or the lies but I can recognize back peddling, inconsistencies,red flags and vindictiveness when I see it and I'll make up my own mind when the FACTS are made public.

$100,000 bail? (that's a fact) for this "CRIME" ? It is apparently a misdameanor CRIME and more cost effective to beat someone almost to death than to move dog's in a u haul van.

My mind boggles - does your's ?