Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Enough already

Michael Vick is in the news again. He received a six-year extension on his $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. Of course, he appeared appropriately thoughtful and thankful about the opportunity during a press conference that was picked up apparently by every media outlet in the galaxy, including USA Today.

Still makes me shake my head (and yes, grit my teeth a little) though. I still wonder how many of his apologists would have jumped on the redemption bandwagon if he had committed multiple violent crimes against people. Who knows? Perhaps he would have had more supporters, since there certainly seems to be a definite lack of empathy for humans nowadays. But what if it had been crimes against children? Would the fan base have forgiven that? Would any child advocacy group have seized the opportunity to use Vick's behavior as a media platform?

My parents always taught me never to wish evil on anyone, no matter who they are. Decades later, I still hear their voices in my head every time I am about to wish that Mr. Vick would just break a leg or something and have to sit out football season. So I won't wish that. Sigh.

And I admit it, I'm jealous of Michael Vick. $100 million dollars is a lot of money! I spent years in school, am a hard worker and never hurt anyone in my life... but I am never going to see anywhere near that kind of money. Ever. Really just isn't fair. I know, life isn't fair. Sigh.

So maybe I will just make a direct appeal to the football star-turned-felon-turned-football-star-again (not that he is ever going to see this blog):

Please just go away. Take your money and enjoy your second chance. You got everything you wanted, now please just go away. You can play football, but you don't need to speak at press conferences. You don't have to make public appearances. You don't need any more media of any sort. Just GO AWAY.

Thank you.

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