Friday, July 01, 2011

New antifreeze law in Illinois

A new law takes effect in Illinois today, requiring a bittering agent to be added to antifreeze. This will (hopefully) make it less attractive to anyone sniffing around the garage floor just to see what's going on. You can read (a little bit) more in the Illinois Statehouse News.

(And yes, the bigger deal is that Illinois finally put the death penalty to rest. Although (as the writer correctly observed just based on my own personal observations from living in Chicago for a dozen years), most state residents don't even realize Illinois still had a death penalty law on the books since the moratorium had been going on for so long.

The new so-called "Amazon tax" (nothing to do with animal law but it happens to be in the ISN story) is going to be interesting to watch. I imagine it will eventually catch on in all states.)

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