Sunday, April 03, 2011

Recent round-up

Apologies for my absence lately... Here's a few items catching my eye from this past week:

Hudson Valley Community College, c'mon down! You're the next contestant on "The Animal Law Course is Right!" Ok, ok. Maybe not exactly. But last week, this update New York school announced it is the only community college in the country that has gotten a grant from the game-show-host-turned-animal-law-philanthropist. Read more in the Times-Union.

A nice little piece in Bella Dog Magazine this past week about the growing awareness of - and still woefully inadequate remedies for - veterinary malpractice in this country. Doesn't really say anything new (ok, at least not if you also happen to be animal law attorney), but for any readers who are fortunate enough to have no idea what a heartbreaking problem this can be, it's still an eye-opener.

And last but not least... legislation that would finally upgrade aggravated animal cruelty to a felony in Mississippi (only 46 other states have done this already...) is on its way to Governor Haley Barbour. Local station WJTV has the story. Of course, not sure if anyone should expect too much. This is the same state that apparently doesn't even have an attempt murder law for people on the books... and at least according to Greenwich Time (no, no idea why this was running in a Connecticut paper), a recent effort to fix that legal loophole just got shot down (yes, bad pun intended) this past week as well.

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