Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open season on cats... and lawmakers... in Utah!

Well, here's another head-scratcher...

Now, I realize that on a continuum of conservative thought, Utah ranks somewhere between "extremely" and "unabashedly", but conservative just doesn't have to mean backward and cruel.

So what exactly was Rep. Curt Oda thinking last week when he proposed a bill that it would make it legal for ordinary citizens to kill feral animals - including cats - by shooting... not to mention clubbing and even decapitating?

There's no mention of how one is supposed to tell whether that canine in your driveway is really wild or just your next door neighbor's lab off-leash. Details!

Of course, the measure does say the killing has to be done "humanely". Now maybe the good legislator thought that would make it ok, but he (thankfully) appears to be in the minority, if not alone, in that thought. It's triggered a rash of rather critical commentary from all corners of the blogosphere... and even a few threats that seem to suggest giving Rep. Oda a taste of his own medicine.

The Utah legislature is back in session tomorrow. Let's hope the rest of the lawmakers have a little more sense.

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edsteigleder said...

if he thinks clubbing cats is ok then i am 100% with anyone who would do it to him!!!!!

Erin D.S.