Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loophole for Pit Bull ownership in Miami-Dade

Pit Bulls were banned in Miami-Dade in 1989 after an eight year old child was attacked and killed by a neighbor's dog, however four pit bulls have recently been registered as service animals for people with disabilities. Federal law does not require any special certification, and the Americans With Disabilities Acts restricts what the county can ask a person about their disabilities.

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Alex Brown said...

I have heard recently that there is an new branch of law dealing with animals. Is this true? I am a huge animal lover and was looking into it. What exactly does it do, what do you major in, etc.
Any info is helpful, thanks!

Amy A. Breyer said...

Hi Alex - Sounds like you are referring to animal law. Too much to describe in this comment, but you can get a good idea by reading old blog posts here, checking the links on the ALDF.org webpage that lists all the schools now offering animal law classes, and checking the websites of animal law attorneys (see righthand sidebar on this blog). Good luck!