Tuesday, December 08, 2009


A recent few items that I missed....

A longtime Wisconsin activist lived just long enough to see her goal realized last week... read more in this Wisconsin Rapids Tribune article by Adam Wise. To read more on Wisconsin's new anti-puppy mill law, check out this article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel by Patrick Marley. Congrats to all involved in this bill's passage!

The infamous Brooklyn loser who threw Oreo the dog off a roof last summer was a no-show at his court hearing last week and now faces jail time. (Unfortunately not the death penalty... did I say that out loud?...) Read more in Scott Shifrel's article in the NY Daily News.

And a rather unusual demonstration in Madrid this past weekend: animal activists carried some 100 carcasses of various non-humans down the street to raise awareness of animal cruelty issues. Read more in this posting on Examiner.com by Kelley Diekman.


Rocket 55 said...

When are people going to realize that the mistreatment of animals is completely unacceptable? We really need to push for stronger consequences for these actions!

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