Sunday, July 12, 2009

If a five year old can figure it out...

So I was eating lunch yesterday with my boyfriend and 5-yr-old, when he jokingly asked her "So what do you think of the whole Sarah Palin issue?" She looked at him and responded - not surprisingly - "what's that?" He was about to say don't worry about it, but I had a little more faith.

I said "Do you remember when Barack Obama was running for president last year?" (Nod yes.) "Do you remember the other person who ran against him?" (Nod yes. [Hopefully, she really does remember. We talked about it at the time.]) "Well," I continue, "the person who was running for vice-president next to John McCain was Sarah Palin. When they lost, he went back to his job in the Senate, which is still an important job, and she went back to her important job as Governor of Alaska. But just a few days ago, she said she was quitting."

Now here's the part where I turn into one of those proud parents. Without missing a beat, my kid looks at me and asks "Why would she do that?"

"Well," I again continue, "no one is exactly sure, but most people think she wants to practice running for president for next time."

"But..." (and you could see the wheels turning...) "why would anyone vote for her for the most important job if she doesn't finish this job?"


How blinded by ambition must Sarah Palin be not to see what even a 5-yr-old understands?

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