Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes, goldfish count

In what may be only the second time goldfish have cropped up on the radar screen of animal welfare concerns (think: Massachusetts), a court in Denmark has convicted an anchorman of animal cruelty for a deadly demonstration.

Some four years ago, Lisbeth Koelster put shampoo in a bowl containing about a dozen goldfish - apparently to show that there were toxins in the hair product. Well, he was right. There were, and the fish died. Someone (allegedly a veterinarian) reported the behavior. And a prosecutor followed up on it.

I don't have a solid source for this story yet (heard it on the radio this morning), but I'll try to update later if I find one.

Hopefully, for everyone out there who hears about this conviction - even those (or perhaps especially those) who can't understand why this guy was prosecuted - it will give them an opportunity to think about the message behind the prosecution. Way to go, Denmark.

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Ana said...

Thanks for the post. Every living thing matters and no one should suffer, especially for stupid and frivolous purposes.