Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fun in the sun or view to a kill... what's going on in our nation's backyards this summer?

As I scoured the internet this morning in my usual futile search for stories about animal law (there's often stories about welfare - which is good - but other bloggers write about welfare issues and I really try to stay law-focused), once again I am coming up empty-handed on law articles.

I could not help but shake my head, however, as I compared stories from the Home & Garden sections of today's L.A. and N.Y. Times. Now, I was born and raised in New York. I like New York. I still go back to visit my parents. But thank goodness this country has a west coast.

If you have a few minutes, check out the L.A. Times feature on a progressive California couple who found a creative way to allow their feline family members enjoy the backyard safely - and the N.Y. Times piece about how shooting, drowning and bludgeoning of garden "pests" remains de rigeur. But at least the gardeners feel badly about it. Well, I suppose that's still progress...

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